Knockanrawley Resource Centre says “integration is key” to help Ukrainians make Tipp their home

Photo from Pixabay

A Tipperary Resource Centre has highlighted the need for continued inclusion among people who move to the county and settle down here.

Knockanrawley Resource Centre in Tipperary Town has been helping those who move to Ireland from other countries to settle in and make friends in their new community.

This comes as Joe O’Brien, Minister for Community Development and Charities paid a visit to the county earlier this week and praised Tipp’s integration efforts.

Nada from Syria, one of the service users at Knockanrawley said that people and community groups were central in helping her feel at home.

“Friends, neighbours and my place in Knockanrawley, with the group, helped me through learning and building skills.”

Knockanrawley also runs groups and courses to teach people English once they get there to enable them to integrate.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Katerina, who fled from Ukraine with her family following the invasion and who uses the services at Knockanrawley said that having to leave their home has taken a toll on them

“It’s very hard and I can’t say it’s become much easier now. We have to start our life from scratch. I so miss my home, my parents, my friends and my usual life, it’s really very hard. But still I think we are very lucky, we are surrounded by wonderful people who help us a lot in everything.”