John McIntyre voices concern about future of Divisional Championships


Lorrha senior hurling manager John McIntyre is concerned for the future of the divisional championships in the county.

Following a ruling at GAA congress earlier this year limiting 16 teams to county championships, the link between the county and divisional championships has been under threat.

South Tipperary clubs voted to maintain the link in recent weeks, with Carrick Swans secretary Sean O’Sé writing an open letter to local media in support of the link.

At the other end of the county, Lorrha manager John McIntyre has voiced his concern about the future of the divisional championships:

“The main thing I’d be more concerned about is are the divisional championships going to survive?

“Whatever about the link to the county championship and the way things are going, obviously covid has thrown everything into disarray over the past two years, there’s been massive fixtures upheaval and I hope after this year that maybe we can return to a divisional championship setup earlier in the year.

“Then if there’s going to be a link to the county championship, it looks like Croke Park don’t want that and ultimately, what Croke Park wants they generally get.”