Jackie Cahill: Carbon budgets for agri-sector must be both economically and environmentally sustainable

Photo courtesy of Jackie Cahill.

Tipperary Government TD Jackie Cahill says it’s essential that upcoming carbon budgets for the agri sector are “economically sustainable as well as environmentally sustainable”.

The Fianna Fáil deputy addressed the Dáil this week highlighting the challenges in the livestock sector as well as the peat harvesting ban, and the backlog of forestry licenses.

His comments come as Irish farmers joined a series of rallies on Friday to criticise Government inaction on farming issues.

Deputy Cahill is concerned that farmers will be badly hit by climate policies:

“We are going to be setting carbon budgets in the next couple of weeks, it’s essential that they are economically sustainable as well as environmentally sustainable.

“The beef and dairy sectors are the driving economic force of rural Ireland and whatever we introduce has to be economically sustainable to allow these industries to survive and prosper.”