Fox expecting late league start

Players will be anxious to impress Tipp Senior football manager David Power and his management team in what will be a much shorter than normal pre-season.

That’s according to one of the Premier County’s most experienced players Brian Fox.

The 32 year old – who plays his club football with Éire Óg Annacarty – says players will be hoping to stake a claim for a place in the starting 15.

Brian expects that the start of the League may be pushed back to allow teams prepare properly:

“New players want the opportunity to impress, how do you impress when you’ve only got a four week window of training?

“Realistically, of that four weeks, one week would be kind of a down week because you’re coming into your first league match so you don’t want to kill players either.

“I would say the GAA will push it back, maybe a week or two and give teams the opportunity to prepare adequately, football wise.

“There’s only so much football you can do on your own with a ball up against a wall or whatever, you can only practice your kicking and hand-passing so much, you need fellas moving off you and the kind of intricate play that happens in a game.”