Former councillor launches scrapbook with images of Cashel over three centuries

Photo from Google Maps

A former member of the Tipperary County Council has created a scrapbook that chronicles life and events in Cashel over the course of three centuries.

Tom Wood’s scrapbook has now accumulated more than 580 images and dates as far back as the late 1800s.

Both Tic Toc Jewellers and Willow Shop on Main Street in Cashel are now selling the scrapbook.

He told Tipp Today that many of the photos in the scrap book are treasured because of their historic and sentimental value.

“Imagine getting a photograph, we’ll say, from the States, in the 1890s or early 1900s, from family that might never have come home or would never come home again. To have that was a treasure for people.

“As well as that, there’s photographs there of lads from Cashel and area, that would’ve joined the army in the First World War, Second World War, and they would’ve written themselves on the back of it.

“The army themselves would’ve taken them, and some were taken where they were in the trenches, and that photograph would’ve been the only means of the family at home knowing that Johnny, or whoever, was still alive.”