Fethard Ballroom to host special concert in aid of Ukraine

On Saturday, the 19th of March, there will be a special concert in Fethard to raise funds for Ukraine

‘A Tribute to the Showband Era in song and story’ with Ronan Collins will be on at 8pm in Fethard Ballroom on the 19th of March.

The venue has undergone major refurbishments and Sean O’Donovan from their committee said they are looking forward to welcoming people to the concert.

“The ballroom was there a long time, it’s there since the 40’s, as a cinema initially and then it became a ballroom in the 60’s, 1967, closed for a while in the 80’s and then opened again in 1993.

“But really for the last 12 years, there were a lot of problems with the roof, it was an asbestos roof and there was water leaking in the last couple of years, it was really in a bad state.

“We’d great help from the South Tipperary Development Company, particularly Sarah Burke in Cahir.

“We’ve a lovely new roof, I think it’s a great job and there’s a lot of refurbishment inside as well.”

Tickets are available on https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/ronan-collins-a-tribute-to-the-show-band-era-in-song-and-story-tickets-255282054497.