Drom-Inch put forward motion to drug test Club GAA players

Stock photo via Canva.com.

Drom-Inch GAA club are calling for club players to be drug tested.

The Mid Tipp side are putting forward a motion to the county convention to expand the current drug testing system from the inter-county game to the club level.

Club secretary Trevor Hassett spoke on Tipp Today about issues around both recreational drugs and performance enhancing drugs.

While Drom’s motion aims to discourage the taking of both types of substances, Trevor says their motion leans more towards performance enhancing drugs:

“With our current motion, we’re more so trying to tailor the performance enhancing substances as opposed to the recreational because these players are all amateurs.

“It’s very hard to say you can or you can’t do anything outside in your own time outside of club time and that’s not something that we’re trying to enforce at all.

“We’re not trying to get any players banned, we’re simply trying to put out an awareness amongst the younger generation that this is an unhealthy lifestyle, whether it be recreational or performance enhancing but more so we can only aim it at the performance enhancing on our part as a GAA club.”