Details to come for areas in Tipp that are to benefit from Community Recognition Fund

Councillor Sean Ryan. Photo from via

Details are expected shortly on areas in Tipperary which are set to benefit from the Community Recognition Fund.

It will fund projects in areas which were welcoming to Ukrainian refugees over the past year.

Councillor Sean Ryan says his own area of Littleton played a huge role in this with refugees housed temporarily in the local community and sports centre.

“Many local organisations in Littleton were very welcoming to members of the Ukrainian community. And in recognition for that and in many areas throughout Tipperary there is a €1 million fund there designated for Tipperary for various projects where the Ukrainian people were involved and we have a number of projects gone in from Littleton. We have six different projects gone in and hopefully we’ll get funding for those projects.”

Sean Ryan says being made welcome by local communities must have made a huge difference to those arriving in Ireland from the war torn country.

“It is so difficult to come from the Ukraine to Ireland. It must be a huge seismic change for so many people. And to see how welcoming people have been – particularly in my own community where I’ve seen it first hand – and I think those organisations to deserve recognition for that.”