Department release report on Ardfinnan bridge options

The Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs has released its report on Ardfinnan Bridge and which option they favour in relation to its redevelopment.

The 3 options on the table are the placement of a wider footpath on the existing bridge with a traffic lights system for vehicles, a cantilevered footbridge attached to the existing bridge and a free stading new foot bridge.
Local residents and local Councillors are in favour of either the cantileaver bridge or the freestanding bridge option.

This morning, the Department of Heritage have released their report on the options available.

The report would appear to favour the first option of widening the footpath and introducing a traffic lights system, which is much the same as the system which has been in operation in Ardfinnan for 2 years now.

In relation to the foot bridge options, the report points out that extensive underwater archaeological assessments would be required for both and would involve major structural work to the existing bridge and would have a negative impact on the visual amentiy of both the bridge and Ardfinnan castle.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, Councillor Michail Anglim said that this is the least preferred option among locals and Councillors but says that the money set aside for the project should be put to use immediately

Audio: Anglim