Demand on Tipperary’s domestic abuse services expected to increase as more people confined to home

Photo from Ascend

Domestic abuse services in Tipperary are reminding those who do not feel safe in their homes during this Covid19 emergency that their service is open for use.

Ascend in North Tipperary and Cuan Saor women’s refuge in Clonmel realise that for many living with abusive partners that this may become an even more difficult time.

Kathleen Maher from Ascend told Fran Curry on Tipp Today that they are expecting an increase in domestic violence as a result of the current situation:

“It’s a frightening time for people, especially in terms of domestic abuse. There is a thought around it that domestic violence will increase in times of quarantine and lock-down.

“In China, in the Hubei province, domestic violence cases reported to local police tripled after people were in quarantine in January due to the virus.

“We’re expecting to be busier.

“But also it’s a time of economic hardship. There’s thousands of jobs at risk so it’s a very uncertain time.”

Ascend can be contacted on 0505 23999 while Cuan Saor’s 24 hour helpline is on 1800 57 67 57.