David Power voices support of ‘Proposal B’ ahead of GAA Special Congress

David Power. Photo © Enda O'Sullivan, Sportsfocus

David Power has voiced his support for Proposal B in the upcoming GAA Special Congress.

The proposal would see the league and All-Ireland football championship linked, moving provincial competitions to Spring.

The Tipperary senior football manager has labeled the current structure of the football championship as ‘unfit for purpose’.

The new format would see the top 5 Division 1 teams, the top 3 Division 2teams and the Division 3 and 4 winners going into an All-Ireland series.

David Power says this would give teams far more meaningful games, which would aid development in Tipperary:

“I think it’s quite obvious that the football championship is unfit for purpose.

“From a manager’s point of view, from a coaches point of view, a player’s pint of view, we want to be playing more competitive matches and I suppose that’s where all these new proposals have come through.

“Since it came out, I’ve always been a ‘B’ man because it’s going to provide Tipperary football with at least 12 to 13 games a year.

“That’s how you’re going to develop players and I think that will be massive.”