Council weigh in on proposed housing developments in Templemore

Photo © Tipp FM

A large group of locals gathered today in opposition to the proposed housing developments in Templemore.

This comes following a public meeting last week to discuss the proposed three-story building that is to be erected at the entrance of the Town Park by the Templemore Voluntary Housing Association.

Many cited concerns such as disrupted parking access, altered aesthetics, and fears of how it will interfere with local amenities such as the children’s playground and GAA pitch.

Seamus Hassey, owner of the Old Post Office building in the town, has spearheaded the opposition, stating that plans shown pre-Covid are not the same as plans that are to go ahead.

Councillor Michael Smyth was on hand this morning as residents gathered to voice opposition to the proposed construction of a three-story building at the Town Park’s entrance.

He says the local authority should have been more included in the plans.

“I think we have an opportunity here to make this an even better plan because it’s such a sensitive site; it’s in the town center, it’s vacant, and it does need development. But these people now feel that they have to put in a submission to Tipperary County Council to have their views and their expressions when this should have been done at an earlier stage.

“Last Wednesday night there was questions posed to myself and Councillor Eddie Moran and we didn’t have the answers, unfortunately. We all want to work together to ensure that this is a development that we are proud of. We’ll only get one chance at this. We have to get it right, and if we don’t for years to come, we will regret it.”

The Fianna Fáil representative added that Tipperary County Council will “forensically” go through plans for the proposed housing developments in Templemore and that they will ensure all submissions are looked at thoroughly in order to protect the people.

He says it would have been helpful if there had been more communication and consultation between the council and the Templemore Voluntary Housing Association.

“When we’re asked those questions, I think it would have been more helpful. The people on the committee are trying to get the best for the town, but, in the absence of communication and transparency, you are going to have people who are going to ask very genuine questions.

“So, it’s in the planning stage now, and what will happen is, and I know there have already been a number of observations submitted to Tipperary County Council, and I have no doubt that there will be more, but it’s up to Tipperary County Council and the planning officials to get this right and to ensure that the center of the town is protected so that it can only grow and enhance because that’s what we all want.”