Community healthcare appointments in Tipperary to proceed as normal next week

Photo from Pixabay

The public are being reassured that community healthcare appointments in Tipperary will proceed as normal next week.

Many elements of the health service have been heavily disrupted by the HSE cyber attack over the last 10 days, particularly in the hospitals.

However, community healthcare appointments have been going ahead for the most part.

Chief Officer of South East Community Healthcare, Kate Killeen White, is praising local teams for maintaining services.

She says that such appointments will proceed next week too across the south east region, including south Tipp:

“So it is really important that people attend for community healthcare appointments next week.

“Our primary care centres are operating as normal and in the main, our older person services including our home health services, our disability services and our mental health services are operating next week.

“The HSE will communicate directly with people if there is to be a change to this decision.”