Cllr. Morris calls on Department of Defence to make Nenagh Barracks intentions clear

Photo © Tipp FM

The Department of Defence has come in for strong criticism from a Nenagh councillor for the current state of the town’s former military barracks.

The site at Summerhill has been under increased scrutiny in recent weeks after it emerged that it would likely be put up for sale, with the potential for demolition.

Councillor Séamie Morris says the site is in a “very poor state” and that overgrowth is spilling over into neighbouring estates.

He says a meeting needs to be set up with the Department to find out what their intentions are:

“There was archaeological survey done on it in 2004/2005 and then it gave the building between 10 and 15 years for it to be saved.

“We’ve long gone passed that. If the Department of Defence wants to do another survey on it, I’d be delighted if they did.

“I don’t see why the building should be knocked down if it’s savable.

“I’ve also found European funding for this. there’s plenty of European funding to restore former military sites.”

On what Councillor Morris would like to see done with the site, he had this to say:

“I would love to see a retirement village in there.

“I think it’s perfect for a retirement village for people to come and be able to retire to.

“I also think it’s perfect for maybe a military museum, I’m very open to that type of thing, I know there’s a lot of historic value to the site and I’ve no problem with that happening either.

“This is a very strategic site for the town. The Nenagh CBS School would be delighted with a bit of land from it.”