CEO of Midwest wants to see a greater spread of resources to the regions

Photo from Mid West Simon

The number of people in emergency accommodation in Tipperary has remained almost static during the Covid-19 lockdown, despite an eight percent national decline.

Latest figures from the Department of Housing find there were 38 people in emergency accommodation in the Premier County in the last week of April.

That’s a drop of one compared to the the figure for February, before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced.

In the same time period, the national total of adults and children in emergency accommodation dropped by eight percent to 9,335.

CEO of Midwest Simon, Jackie Bonfield, wants to see a greater spread of resources to the regions.

“We have been looking at this over the last number of years and what we find is there are a lot of resources being pumped into Dublin, and, we fully acknowledge the fact that Dublin has the largest percentage of homelessness within its region, but, proportionately we need to see that spread of resources coming out to the other counties.

“We don’t want to be in a situation where we are left behind. There is a huge economic crises going to hit this country over the next 6 to 24 months and we need to ensure that the homeless crises doesn’t get put on the back foot.”