Local councillor says biodiversity policy “should be abandoned”

Photo © Pixabay

There are calls to allow grass cutting in estates around Clonmel.

Local councillor, Richie Molloy, says he has received numerous calls regarding the policy around biodiversity and the overgrowth of grass around the town.

The influx of calls to the councillor came when the ‘No Cut May’ initiative was put in place to allow wild plants to grow and provide nectar for insects.

Cllr. Molloy took to Facebook to get the public’s opinion and told Tipp Today that he believes the policy “should be abandoned.”

“I am inclined to lobby the concept to say that policy should be abandoned, because even when they started cutting the grass the first week in June, it’s total mulch. So, basically, children can’t play in it. It’s very, very dirty, and it would take a number of weeks for this grass to rot in. So, the majority that have contacted me have really said that they think the policy is crazy.