Back To Health – Back Care with Neil Dennehy – 28/01/18 @4pm

Name – Neil Dennehy
Discipline – Physical Therapy and fitness instruction
Location – Clonmel and Thurles
Phone – 0876293729
Years in full-time healthcare – 20

History and experience in health and wellness

My interest in health was sparked as an unfit and overweight 13-year-old. I decided to get fit by cutting out junk food, switching to a healthy diet and exercising daily. Losing 15 pounds in 6 weeks, I also gained a ton of energy, stamina and confidence. That experience started a life-long interest in how our bodies work and, more importantly, how much say we have in our fitness levels and how we feel…


Since qualifying as a health and fitness instructor in 1998, I have worked as a gym / circuit /aerobics instructor and personal trainer. I returned to education to train as a physical therapist and set up Health Matters multidisciplinary 13 years ago.

I have developed and delivered several education / practical health-programs at the Tipperary institutes in Clonmel and Thurles;

  • The Back to Health Program (a six-week program of education and exercise to promote spinal / back health) to educate on the anatomy and physiology of the spine and teach a program of exercises for self-care.
  • The E.P.P.I.C. Flexibility (Enhance Performance, Prevent Injury and Conditioning through Flexibility – a program for amateur athletes and coaches),
  • I have also run functional movement classes to promote mobility, balance, co-ordination and general well-being.

I have a keen interest in the holistic approach to health, holistic meaning whole and apply this to my treatments and after-care advice. This approach considers all areas of our health when there is disease i.e. head to toe, mental, physical and emotional. I also believe that there are many forms of healthcare for good reason. By combining the best Western medicine and science has to offer with the best of the older natural forms of healthcare we get the greatest opportunity for health and vitality.

I engage in regular gym training, TRX, yoga, hiking, healthy eating, massage and meditation, to practice what I preach, and have tried many natural forms of healthcare including nutritional therapy and ayurvedic practices to experience their benefits. Over the past 7 years, I have coached rugby from u9’s to u 16’s boys and Senior Ladies in Clonmel RFC. I am also currently writing a book on health, wellness, positivity and reaching potential called “what to do with Stardust?” that I hope to have on the shelves next Christmas…

Role at Tipp Fm’s Health Expo Jan 2018

The “Back to Health” program I will deliver at the Tipp Fm Health Expo will include information on

  • The most common causes of back pain,
  • simplified anatomy of the spine and surrounding structures,
  • information on various treatments, from non-invasive to surgical, available for back pain
  • a simple self-care program of exercises to help restore back health
  • a demonstration of physical therapy techniques used to treat dysfunction.

I will also have a treatment bed set up throughout the day for demonstrations, assessments, questions and answers
Look forward to seeing you there…