Tipperary’s footballers will be gunning to hold onto Division 3 status for next year

Photo courtesy of Enda O'Sullivan.

Tipperary’s Footballers will be hoping to hang on to their Division 3 status when inter-county action resumes in autumn.

The final two rounds of the Allianz League will be finished before the championship games get underway.

Tipp FM analyst and former Tipp footballer, Conor O’Dwyer says those league games are going to be very important:

“The intention is that they play the last two remaining games in the Allianz National League before the championship and that’ll give them a run into what is a big game.

“I think it’s fixed for the weekend of the 1st of November in Semple Stadium against Clare. But first of all they’ll have to play both Offaly and Leitrim in the National League.

“To win those two games – particularly the Leitrim game, I think it’s the key one really. They need to win that game to retain their Division 3 status and that’s critical for Tipp football.”

O’Dwyer says their concentration will be on retaining that status before they turn their attention to the championship this year:

“You know, I think survival in Division 3 is really important and I think the hiatus will have affected all teams, perhaps in different ways.

“The advantage, from a Tipp perspective, is obviously we have a couple of key guys back – Quinlivan and Casey being two important men on Tipp football teams over the last number of years – so to have those two guys back, with one or two others as well, is maybe a bit of an advantage.

“And it puts us perhaps in a stronger position than if we had to have played those two remaining League games in springtime.”