Tipperary hurling manager, Liam Sheedy, in favour of championship behind closed doors

All Ireland senior hurling winning manager Liam Sheedy says he’d prefer to see a Championship behind closed doors rather than no Championship at all.

The Tipperary boss says matches played safely would give everyone a boost:

“I’m seeing online what the GAA community are doing in terms of fundraising and in terms of giving out skills. I mean, they’re having a massive positive effect on the health and wellbeing of kids and of the older generation, and of the people that are challenged.

“I think it could give a massive lift to the county if you could find a way where you could run games. Even though they would be behind closed doors, I think it’s better than not having any at all.

“I think playing matches would really give the whole country a lift. But it can only be done when it’s safe to do so and right now that’s a long way away based on the challenges we’re facing in this country.”