Tipperary 2020 Club Championships will be cashless and pre-sold tickets only

The 2020 club championships in Tipperary will be a cashless affair, and all tickets will have to be pre-sold.

The launch took place yesterday in Semple Stadium and it’s been revealed that club and season ticket-holders will be given priority.

All club matches, both football and hurling, will be pre-sold ticket only events with a max attendance of 200 for those taking place between July 17th and 20th and 500 thereafter.

The two clubs involved in the game will get 40 complimentary tickets and 110 to be sold to members.

County Board secretary, Tim Floyd has been speaking to Tipp FM Sport:

“Regardless of the size of the grounds, tickets are limited for each game. So it’s no different whether they’re in Semple Stadium or whether they’re in Holycross or Ardfinnan, we are still confined to the same amount.

“Like, 500 in Semple Stadium is the same as 500 in Holycross so that’s the challenge that we have ahead of us.

“The whole idea is that spectators will purchase their tickets online, via the Tipperary website, and present it to stewards at the matches as they enter the gate for scanning.”

Tim says the idea is to make sure that they know everyone who’s on the grounds at any given time for the purposes of contact tracing.

In terms of how the club tickets are allocated, he says:

“We will open it up on a Monday morning for the clubs. Of the 500 tickets, we might circulate the clubs with 150 tickets, of which, 40 of those will be complimentary for the players and the backroom staff.

“So that’s 80 of them and the rest of them then the clubs will put on sale. The clubs will have control over who they sell the tickets to – the very same, I suppose, as they would do for an inter-county game, in that they will take order and print off or download the tickets for all the individual supporters from the club.”

Priority is to be given to those with season tickets, which Tim also says could present its own challenges:

“We have three different versions of season tickets within the county. We have our own €120 season tickets, which 350 people have purchased. Then we have our €25 concession passes, and we have over 400 of those. And then we have the Croke Park Club + season tickets which were bought earlier in the year with the Croke Park tickets – there’s 600 of those.

“So, in all, we have 1,400 people who have season tickets in the county. Naturally enough, it’s going to be very, very difficult to accommodate everybody but we will have a window of opportunity for those people to make their purchase before they go on public sale.”

You can listen back to all the interviews from yesterday’s launch here.