Power calls for changes to championship format

Photo : Tipperary GAA

Tipperary senior football manager David Power believes the provincial championship system ‘has to go’.

This year, teams who finish in Division 3 and 4 of the League will play in the Tailteann cup instead of the Sam Maguire.

Tipperary however, are guaranteed to play in the Sam Maguire this year, following last year’s Munster final victory.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Power believes a different format would be better for football.

“I personally think the provincial system has to go. I would have a Champions League style format where you’re graded on your League standing and your top two go into the Sam Maguire Cup and your bottom two go into the Tailteann Cup.”

“I think eventually that will happen because I think it’s the only fair way of having teams graded.”