Demise of Maor Foirne a welcome step according to local referee

Tipperary referee Fergal Horgan.

Inter-county referee Fergal Horgan says he’s “absolutely delighted that the Maor Foirne is gone”.

His comments come following the passing of a motion banning anybody from entering the field of play, apart from medical officials sanctioned by the referee.

Team officials entering the field of play will now be subject to a yellow card.

A second yellow and subsequent red card would be shown for a repeated offence, banning the official from the pitch enclosure for the remainder of the game.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Fergal welcomes the change and would even like to see it go a step further.

“I’m delighted that’s changed from a personal point of view – I think the field between the white lines is solely for the 30 players and the match official and there should be no one else on the field.”

“I think especially at club matches it’s a disaster the way it’s gone. I would be all for all management being in the stands watching the match the same as they do in other sports. I think that’s the way forward.”

“I’m delighted the Maor Foirne is gone but we could go further and we could clean all the line in time.”