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For a tailormade Advertising package on The Premier County's radio station, Tipp FM, that guarantees to get your message to the entire County please contact 052 6125299 or email
Simply tell us where you're located and we will arrange for one of our Area Representatives to contact you and organise to get your message on air. It's that simple!
Tipp FM's advertising rates are the best value in County Tipperary.

Tipp FM is the No 1 Marketing brand in County Tipperary and is one Irelands top radio stations. We have the ears of Tipperary every day. Our listeners could be YOUR customers!

Increase SALES and AWARENESS of your product or business by advertising on Tipp FM. 

To ensure you are getting your message to your target audience – make sure that Tipp fm is part of your marketing campaign. TIPP FM is the ONLY Advertising medium that covers the ENTIRE COUNTY.

TIPP FM HAS over 45,000 LISTENERS ON A DAILY BASIS  (Source : JNLR/Ipsos MRBI 2014/4)


Radio Advertising Top Tips 

It’s important that your campaign works for you. So we’ve put together some top tips to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Common Questions:

What’s the correct length for a script?

That really depends on the message you want to deliver. Sometimes the most effective campaigns can include adverts less than 30 seconds. Below is a guide on the amount of words that you can include in the various and popular ad lengths. 

  • 15 second = 40 words
  • 20 second = 55 words
  • 30 second = 85 words

Remember, when including a telephone number it is counted as wording. 
Example 065-6828888 is actually ten words.

How often should my adverts run each day?

Experience shows that the most effective campaigns should have a minimum of five adverts running each day over a period of time.

What’s the difference between branding adverts and call to action adverts?

Branding adverts tell the listener who you are, where you are and what you do.

Call to action adverts tell the listener all of the above but will include a reason as to why they should contact you now. Ideal for Sales, openings, product launches etc…

Should I put a telephone number or website?

It’s important that you make it as easy as possible for Potential customers to contact you.
Ideally, keep telephone numbers that are easy to recall or give a landmark for the customers to find you.

  • You must ask yourself, Will this phone number always be manned?
  • Is your website good enough to attract visitors once they click on?    

What’s the difference between Sponsorship and spot advertising what works best?

Simple answer is both.

Sponsorship can be anything from the sponsorship of a show (Breakfast/Lunchtime), a game (Club/league/championship games), a programme piece within the schedule (Time checks/traffic and travel). It is a fabulous way of promoting your brand. Fifteen seconds tends to be the maximum time allowed for Sponsorship pieces. They include who are you, where are you, what do you do.

Spot advertising works hand in hand with sponsorship as you can be more direct in your message and include more information about your brand/service.  

Tips for Effective Radio Adverts 

Remember, it is really important that when your Radio Sales Executive sits down with you to get the details for your campaign that you give them as much information as possible. This will ensure that you get a great script that works for you but more importantly will appeal to potential customers. 

You will be given the opportunity to read the script once it’s been written. This is your chance to make changes if required before it does to Production to be recorded. If it has to be rec-cut after this point you will incur charges.

So have a read of some useful tips below.

Keep the message simple. Biggest mistake Clients make when giving information on a radio script is that they want to include too much. It is far more productive in this case to have two adverts running.

Think about the target audience for your product/service. Then ensure that it is relevant to that audience. For example, an advert for a night club will be completely different to that of an insurance company. Your Tipp FM Account Manager knows the demographics and will advise you.

Create engaging copy for the product or service. Remember that most people who are listening to radio advertisements are driving a car. When the music or show stops, they are apt to change the station. The copy must stop them from changing that station, or get through the other thoughts they have in their head while driving.

Ensuring it is easy for Customers to contact you. A lot of people make the mistake of adding on two telephone numbers to their adverts, this can be a waste of valuable airtime particularly if you are trying to engage commuters during morning or evening drive. They are more than likely driving so will not be able to write it down. A simple website can be more effective here, though best to avoid the www at the start as it is no longer considered necessary.

Consider the mood of the advert. While it is not possible to have well known songs or music attached to adverts (Unless you have a large budget!) At Tipp FM, we have a huge music library so think about the type of music you would feel would appeal to your customers.    

Use multiple aspects of sound to create a desire for the product or service. For instance, if you are selling a beverage, hearing the bottle open can be enticing. If you are selling a car, the sound of a purring engine will grab the listener’s attention. They call radio “Theatre of the mind” so your advert can be creative as much through sound as it can by word play. 

Mention the name of the product or service at least twice times in your ad copy. If you listen to radio ads you will start to hear that names are mentioned several times in an attempt to have the listener make an unmistakable connection to the product or service that is being sold. Even the most annoying ads can be effective because the consumer's brain is literally branded with the name of the product or service.

It’s not really about you! You may love a particular piece of music or a certain way of having your message delivered, but you have to think, is that what will appeal to your potential customers? 

And finally……….

It’s not your job to write radio advertising scripts, that’s what Tipp FM Account Managers have been trained to do. So remember to give them the correct information from the start, sit back and enjoy your adverts and let radio create the magic.

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