Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine joined the Tipp FM team in 2015 and has since been the alarm clock for mornings in Tipperary.

With a degree in Media and MA in Journalism, Lorraine ‘s broadcasting career really began at a young age.

Reports claim an eight year old Lorraine presented her own radio show live from her tree-house, armed with nothing but a box of Boyzone tapes, a tape recorder and a blatant disregard for the sanity of her family.


Lorraine’s love for radio continued to flourish, unlike her love for Boyzone.

Years later, the dream has become a reality, as she now presents Lorraine in the Morning on Tipp FM, something she describes as “no tree-house, but somewhere she feels very much at home”.

Join Lorraine in the Morning from 6 to 9am every weekday morning, and start your day the Premier way!