Teething problems with Cashel walking route

Photo © Tipp FM

The popularity of a new walkway in Cashel has led to calls for a larger car park to be provided.

The High Kings loop covers over 8 kilometres and takes in roads, paths and wood trails.

However the numbers availing of the amenity has resulted in problems with inconsiderate parking according to local County Councillor Roger Kennedy.

Speaking on Tipp Today he also said some people using the walk are being very inconsiderate.

“One person who wanted a lady to open her front gate to let him park in her yard. This elderly lady wasn’t willing to do so and they weren’t any way complimentary.”

“We had someone else yesterday who was doing the walk and a lorry came along. It couldn’t reverse and they asked the lady to stand back about five yards to an area where there was plenty of room to stand in. The lady said ‘you shouldn’t be on this road’ and the driver said ‘but I live on it.’