Tipperary Green Party member says party will walk away from talks if progress can’t be made

Tipperary’s Green Party candidate in the recent General Election says he has faith in their negotiating team when it comes to forming a government.

Formal negotiations are due to get underway tomorrow between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens.

However many people – including some within Eamon Ryan’s party – have questioned if the Greens should enter a coalition.

Rob O’Donnell was the party’s candidate in the Tipperary constituency in the General Election.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said just because negotiations are taking place doesn’t mean there will be a deal:

“Negotiations don’t mean that anything is actually set up. They’re more than happy to walk away if things aren’t going to happen.

“We need a transformative programme for government. It needs to mean a lot more than just climate action. We’re looking to work on housing, to fund our health service, to fund our higher education system. So, I trust the TDs of the Green Party to come to an agreement, if it’s possible. And if not, look, we are the party who has tried more than any other to sit down with all other parties to form a government.”