Tipperary fans warned of match traffic restrictions

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Gardai are advising Tipperary and Kilkenny fans bound for Croke Park that there are traffic restrictions in place.

The M9 Northbound is down to a single lane on approach to the M7 at Junction 11, while on the M7 Northbound M9 traffic merges at the same junction.

Drivers are also being reminded of recent changes in the road layout approaching Junction 11 at the M9 diverge with the left lane leading straight onto M9 Southbound.

Motorists continuing along M7, past Junction 11, should keep to Lanes 2 and 3 when approaching M9 diverge. Three lanes are now available on the M7/N7 between Junction 8 (Johnstown) and Junction 11(M9 Merge/Diverge) in both directions.

A reduced speed limit is also still in place.

Cathal Minogue of AA Roadwatch says there are further restrictions in the city