Tipp Covid-19 patient worried about disease complacency among younger people

Photo courtesy of HSE Library

A Tipperary man, who spent 25 days on a ventilator with Covid-19, says he’s concerned that young people aren’t taking the disease seriously.

Andy Corbett from Ballynonty has been reflecting on his experience which saw him spend a total of 45 days in South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel.

The 62-year-old is praising the work of the staff who helped him on the road to recovery, but says he’s still very tired.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Andy had this to say about the danger of the disease:

“I think that the young people don’t see any danger in this at all. They’re not social distancing or anything. We could have a second wave of it.

“I don’t go anywhere now. I haven’t been to the shops since I came home. My wife would take me off for a spin in the car, but other than that I haven’t been to a shop at all, or anywhere with a crowd of people.”

Consultant Respiratory Physician Dr Yousef Vapra helped Andy with his recovery.

He’s been reflecting on the overall experience of Covid-19 at South Tipperary General Hospital:

“Unfortunately we had an elderly patient who could not be ventilated and he sadly passed away. Other than that, Andy was the sickest of the patients.

“We had a few other patients in the wards who needed oxygen and were closely monitored. And fortunately they did well and they were able to go home and they have remained well because we are keeping in close contact with them for at least the first two weeks after they go home.”