Search on for War of Independence songs

Photo © Tipp FM

A local historian is appealing for people to come forward with songs of the War of Independence to help preserve them for the future.

John Connors from Borrisoleigh says ongoing events to mark the centenary of the event are the perfect opportunity to collect material.

He’s concerned that songs are being lost with the passing of generations, and is urging people to send him lyrics or recordings of any ballads relating to that era.

Details on how to get in touch with John can be found on the Tipp FM website.

John believes there is a large catalogue of songs to be found from each parish in the county.

“I remember back to my grandfather – my mother’s father especially – and like he had a vast store of these songs.”

“He had a vast store of these songs and when I was a child we’d go off places and I’d be on the crossbar of his bicycle and he’d be singing these songs. But of course youth being wasted on the young I didn’t pay too much attention to them at the time but they stuck in my memory.”

“And then I suppose as time progressed and we came into the centenary I could see that these songs had value of that time a hundred years ago.”

John can be contacted on 086 2752634 or via email at [email protected]