Roscrea residents chronicle COVID-19 thoughts and experiences

The thoughts of Roscrea residents about Covid-19 have been compiled in a new publication by Age Friendly Roscrea.

After asking locals to scribble down their stories, the response was so vast that the organisation has decided to compile the “Roscrea Digest: A Corona Legacy”.

It includes thoughts on living through this pandemic, as well as nostalgic stories about the town and the county in general.

Chair of Age Friendly Roscrea, Anne Keevey, has explained how the publication came about in recent months:

“We put together a goodie bag that we sent out and delivered to people. That included a time-capsule where people would record their COVID thoughts, or COVID experience.

“We thought it was a pity really not to do something with that information. So the idea came.

“It was a very small book to start with – it was going to be 50 pages of A5 but in fact, it turned out to be 120 pages of A4.”

Continuing, Anne said they were delighted with the number of people who contributed to the publication:

“Well over 100 people contributed and many people who often thought about writing, but never did, actually sat down and wrote a story.

“And that’s very gratifying. We often say ‘we should have written that down’, ‘my mother spoke about that and I’m sorry I didn’t write it down’, and this was an opportunity really to write down a lot of those thoughts and experiences.”