Polling stations open across Tipp for voting

For the first time since the 1940s, Tipperary is one constituency, with five seats up for grabs…

Voting continues until 10 o'clock tonight.

The 32nd Dáil will have one less TD from the Premier County as the new Tipperary constituency has just 5 seats.

Previously the Tipperary North and Tipperary South constituencies each elected 3 TDs.

The changes put forward by the Boundary Commission also sees the annexing of the Lower Ormond area north of Nenagh into the new 3-seat Offaly constituency while there have also been changes at the other end of the county with a small part of the old Tipperary South now farmed off to Waterford.

With the six sitting TDs all putting their name forward for re-election, at least one of them is guaranteed to lose out this time round.

The electorate of 112,615 have 13 candidates to choose from.

Polling stations opened at 7 and people can cast their vote until 10 o'clock tonight.

The members of the new Dáil will meet for the first time on Thursday, March 10th to elect a Taoiseach.