Morris ‘released from shackles of Sinn Fein’

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Nenagh Councillor Seamie Morris says he’s ‘released himself from the shackles of Sinn Fein in Tipperary,’ as he’s announced his resignation from the party.

It comes comes amid months of allegations of bullying between himself and his now former party.

Cllr Seamie Morris there, speaking to Fran Curry this morning, outlining one of the reasons he has left Sinn Féin.

Despite lodging formal complaints to the party in regards to a number of what he describes as ‘unfounded and untruthful allegations made by rogue elements in the party’ – Cllr Morris feels adequate attention and party process has not been applied.

He says Sinn Fein seem more interested in looking after the hostile environment in party…

He’s not the first councillor to step away from Sinn Fein in recent months – Limerick cllr Lisa Marie Sheehy also left the party for what she described as ‘bullyboy politics’.

Mayor of the Clonmel Borough District, Sinn Fein’s Catherine Carey, has also spoken of her negative experiences within the party.

However, she feels her issues were dealt with adequately.

Having supported Seamie Morris, Cllr Carey gave this reaction to the news that he had resigned from the party…

Seamie Morris was first elected to the local authority in 2004, and has twice served as the mayor of Nenagh.

He says he will continue to work on behalf of his constituents as an independent councillor…

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