Paul Murphy accuses the Taoiseach of defamation

Photo © Anti Austerity webpage

Paul Murphy has accused the Taoiseach of defaming him – and is to make an official complaint to the Dáil authorities.

He says Leo Varadkar accused him of criminal behaviour in the Dáil on Wednesday – and is also complaining about four other Fine Gael TDs.

The claims come in a letter to be delivered to the Leinster House authorities today.

Paul Murphy is taking issue with comments made by Leo Varadkar during Wednesday’s Leaders’ Questions.

During that, he said Murphy’s behaviour in Jobstown was “thuggery” – a claim which Murphy says is defamatory.

And Murphy also claims that by describing the protest as ugly, violent and nasty – and by mentioning water balloons being thrown at Joan Burton – he is accusing Murphy of involvement he didn’t have.