Kelly critical of double standards with ‘two-hour’ Covid-19 medical advice

Photo © Dáil Éireann

The Labour Party leader has described as ‘Orwellian’ medical advice given to TDs about how the Dáil can sit.

The Dáil’s COVID committee was given advice this week saying if anyone is in an enclosed space with someone for more than two hours they’re considered a close contact for medical purposes.

It’s led to Health Minister Simon Harris refusing to attend a second session of Dáil questions this evening.

But Labour leader and Tipperary TD Alan Kelly has questioned why the same advice wasn’t made clear to all workplaces:

“The consequences of it for Irish society, businesses, organisations, are huge. We can’t have a George Orwell situation where some people are more equal than others. If it applies in here (Leinster House) and in the Courts, it applies with the pharmacies, shops, meat factories, the Gardaí and everybody else.”