Efforts to get Tipperary man trapped in Dubai home

The family of a Tipperary man who is effectively trapped in Dubai has launched a fundraising appeal to get him home.

John White from Clonmel was freed from prison last year after spending 5 years locked up for non payment of debts.

John was a property developer who headed up a construction company in the Middle East which built schools, Shopping centres and hotels.

He was jailed in 2012 after his firm went bust during the global recession, leaving him with debts of half a million Euro.

Under Dubai’s strict criminal code, White was jailed for being unable to pay these debts and while he was released last year, he is unable to leave the Country until those debts are repaid.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, John’s sister Eileen says his time in prison has affected his health and he is effectively stuck in Dubai.

The family has set up a Go fund me page to help John with his living expenses while he is in Dubai.

The page which was launched last week has already met its €10,000 target, but Eileen says their target will need to increase.