Nenagh theatre nurses praised in the Dáil

Photo from Oireachtas

The efforts of theatre nurses who have been transferred from Nenagh and Ennis Hospitals to UHL has been raised in the Dáil.

They were deployed to the Limerick facility during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 16 nurses who transferred from Nenagh have been refused subsistence money despite doing 12 hour shifts including weekends and night duty.

Deputy Michael Lowry highlighted the situation with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly saying it’s more a matter of principle than money.

“Many of these nurses left home at 5am and didn’t return until 10pm.”

“This involved additional childcare expenses and the onset of undue stress and anxiety.”

“It’s astounding to learn that these nurses were refused a subsistence allowance – this refusal is mean spirited and harsh. While nurses welcome the public clapping of approval it shouldn’t be too much to expect the HSE to give practical recognition of their heroic efforts.”