Hospital Master brands ownership row as pointless.

The Health Minister says he’s listened to the concerns about the new National Maternity Hospital.

But Simon Harris says he’s as determined as ever to get the facility built on the site of St. Vincent’s in Dublin.

He’s insisting there will be clinical independence and all the issues raised over the past week will be sorted out in meetings over the next month


The Master of the National Maternity Hospital has warned we mustn’t get ‘lost in speculation’ about its new location.

Rhona Mahoney’s dismissed concerns over ownership as a ‘storm in a tea cup’.

She’s also repeated her promise that the hospital will carry out all legal medical procedures.

Her comments follow a statement from the Bishop of Elphin who angered campaigners by claiming Catholic rule will have to be obeyed there but Rhona Mahony says the ownership argument is pointless.