Charity questioned on decision to go ahead with changes at Nenagh homes

Sue Ryder home, Nenagh | Photo:

The Sue Ryder Foundation has confirmed its intention to remove on-site overnight supervision at its Nenagh apartments.

The charity says it has consulted with staff on the issue, and will instead use an emergency response system from July 3rd which connects residents with an off-site monitoring station.

A local person would be ‘on-call’ to attend on site if necessary.

The change was introduced at the Sue Ryder facility in Holycross last month, and the charity says it’s been forced into a rethink of services due to a drop in revenue.

Councillor Seamie Morris, whose father is one of the Nenagh residents, says he intends to raise the issue with state authorities.

“I note from the statement that Sue Ryder are claiming that they’ve finished with consultations.”

“But they only said they had finished consultations with staff and actually dropped their so called consultation process with the residents because they’d always claimed that they had consulted with residents but they couldn’t.

“They couldn’t have consulted with residents because first of all the residents are cocooning and after all aren’t they the people they should have been consulting with in the first place.”