50 people on trolleys at South Tipp General Hospital

People attending Emergency Departments in Clonmel and Limerick can expect lengthy delays today.

Both University Hospital Limerick and South Tipp General are operating beyond capacity

Over the weekend, the Clonmel hospital was forced to issue a warning due to emergency department overcrowding.

UHL, which serves North Tipp, is the most overcrowded hospital in the country, with 59 people awaiting a bed.

Just behind that is South Tipp General, where there are 50 without a bed, 25 of those on trolleys and 25 in overflow wards.

On Sunday, hospital staff in Clonmel urged people only to present themselves in the event of a genuine emergency due to severe overcrowding at its emergency department.

Those with milder conditions were advised to contact their GP or CAREDOC instead of coming to the emergency department.

The capacity problems appear all the more daunting as it comes two weeks ahead of official strike action by the INMO, where nurses across the country will strike due to poor working conditions.

Tipp FM’s Mike Gilmore spoke to these people who were frustrated at the long waits at the emergency department in Clonmel.