PNA Ambulance personnel continue strike action

PNA ambulance staff striking at South Tipp General

Forty paramedics are on strike in Tipperary today.

It’s the start of 2 days of action, which will run until 5pm tomorrow evening.

The striking ambulance personnel in Tipperary are joining around 500 members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association.

They’re calling on the HSE to agree to recognise the PNA’s ambulance branch, NASRA, as their union of choice.

Declan Harte is a Paramedic Supervisor based in Clonmel.

He says there’s a simple solution to the issue…

General Secretary of the PNA, Peter Hughes, is calling on the Minister for Health to take action

James Ward is strike co-ordinator at South Tipp General, he feels the strike has been beneficial as it has increased the number of ambulance staff joining NASRA.