Kelly highlights under financing of UHL

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary Deputy Alan Kelly believes capacity is a huge issue in our hospitals, while more of a focus needs to be on University Hospital Limerick.

The Labour Health spokesperson told Tipp Today he compared UHL to Beaumont, as they are very similar in size and found there is a €40 million difference in funding between the two.

He said this is despite the Limerick hospital having more emergency admissions.

Meanwhile, hospitals used by Tipperary residents dominate the Irish Nurses & Midwives Trolley Watch list today.

There’s no bed for 43 people who have been admitted to South Tipp General in Clonmel.

Meanwhile University Hospital Limerick – which provides emergency cover for North Tipp, Clare and Limerick – has 49 patients being cared for on trolleys.

Cork University Hospital is the most overcrowded today accounting for 56 of the total of 512 patients left without a bed at hospitals across the country.