Crayfish plague devastating population on River Suir

It’s been confirmed that a crayfish plague, which has a 100% mortality rate, is devastating the population on the River Suir.

While the plague is specific to crayfish, it can be carried and transferred to the fish by animals, humans, boats and equipment.

Ecologists are particularly concerned with an area upstream of Clonmel, and are asking people to adopt a CHECK – CLEAN – DRY protocal on all equipment and gear used in the River.

Once infected with the disease, crayfish die within 7 to 10 days.

John McGrath, the fisherman who first brought attrention to the issue right here on Tipp FM – says all the crayfish are now gone from the Suir from Clonmel down…

Brian Nelson, an ecologist with national parks and wildlife association, says the disease has serious consequences for the ecology of the river.

He’s appealing to people to clean their gear thoroughly, and not to affect other water systems…