UHL Consultant concerned at number of Covid admissions to ICU

Photo © Pat Flynn

The number of patients in intensive care with Covid-19 is being described as “worrying”.

17 people are currently being treated with the virus in ICU, with 9 confirmed cases on ventilators.

An average of 1 to 2 new critical care admissions are being seen every day, with a rising number under the age of 45.

Dr. Catherine Motherway, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine at University Hospital Limerick says it’s concerning.

“It is a worry and we’re keeping our eyes on the figures obviously particularly as we approach winter where we see an increase in viral illnesses generally and where we always have a surge in admissions to critical care and always have a difficulty in the winter.”

“So it is a worry and we’re keeping our eye on it – but its not as bad as it was in the beginning but it is a big concern.”