SEMRA advise caution if venturing onto mountains or hills

Photo courtesy of SEMRA

The easing of restrictions today means some scenic areas are now open again – albeit with the 5 kilometre restriction still in place.

The South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association are anticipating more people returning to hill-walking within that limit now and are urging you to be extra cautious.

Liz Brown from Clonmel based SEMRA has told Tipp FM News that you should continue to keep COVID guidelines in mind even while hiking.

“What we’re saying to people is, it’s been a while since we’ve been out so take your time.”

“Take something familiar and low risk and be prepared, bring extra clothing, food, water all that stuff you normally bring with you.”

“And also bring hand sanitizer – if you have to open gates or climb over styles, clean your hands before and after you do it.”

“It’s another step in leave no trace – leave no human trace – so don’t leave your germs on the gate and don’t bring any away with you either.”