McGrath hits out at Covid restrictions

Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath is criticising the resumption of some Covid-19 restrictions saying that it goes against the message of learning to live with the virus.

The independent deputy believes there’s “appalling” mixed messaging coming from Government and health authorities, and is concerned about giving Gardaí new powers to enforce Covid-19 rules.

Deputy McGrath wants the Dáil to be recalled immediately to discuss the new restrictions announced earlier this week.

“We certainly aren’t dealing with this in a level headed and even handed manner and dealing with people as they go along. Nor I suppose can we do.”

“We’re told we’re going to have to live with Covid so we better get our economy opened up again. Allow our pubs, allow our shops, and allow our small businesses and all to work.”

“And there’s a whole new raft of them now – whether they be fitness studios or dance schools or creative arts or summer schools – allow them back because people need that kind of outlet.”