Dr Harrold – foreign holidays don’t make sense right now

Photo from Pixabay

A Tipperary GP says the idea of a foreign holiday should be put to one side for now.

Nenagh based Dr Pat Harrold says the call from the Chief Medical Officer for people not to holiday abroad makes perfect sense.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said we risk a second lockdown should people return home from holiday with the virus.

“I was watching BBC News on Saturday and they were saying ‘this is great we should all go to Greece because Greece is relatively free’ and I thought it won’t be anymore if ye are all heading out there.”

“It’s lovely now and everything is opening up but worldwide this thing is raging – it’s on the increase.”

“I mean if you really, really have to go, you have to go – but how much craic would there be when you get there anyway.”