Concern at plans to dispose of landmark building in Tipp Town

Photo: March4Tipp/Padraig Culbert

The disposal of the Bridewell Old Jail in Tipperary Town drew strong reactions at a recent meeting of Tipperary County Council.

At the meeting it was proposed that the Bridewell and yard be leased to the Emly Cashel Diocesan Committee.

There are three buildings associated with the Bridewell Old Jail on St. Michael’s Street.

The notice of disposal for one building and the surrounding yard to St. Michael’s Diocesan Committee was put to Tipperary County Council recently.

Councillor Anne Marie Ryan asked that the disposal be adjourned until the Tipperary Task force of Alison Harvey from the Irish Heritage Council and Carmel Fox could review the heritage site.

This proposal was met with strong resistance and in an unprecedented move went to a vote.

Despite losing the vote Councillor Ryan feels there is an opportunity for both the Task force and Diocesan committee to work together.

Councillor Mary Hannah Hourigan voiced concerns that should the disposal be delayed a building that has already fallen into disrepair would remain abandoned.

Meanwhile, Cahir Councillor Andy Moloney expressed his concerns at being asked to vote on a Diocesan matter outside his traditional boundary.