Welcome return to business for Tipp hairdressers

Photo from Pixabay

A local hairdresser says she’s delighted at the prospect of reopening next Monday.

Bernie Hurley of Blush N Brush in Ballina, says the Taoiseach’s announcement of a June 29th opening for businesses like hers was just want she wanted to hear.

Speaking to Tipp FM News, Bernie said they have already put all the Covid safety measures in place in the salon.

“What we have done is we have made the seats two metres apart – so therefore we’ve taken certain seats out and added Perspex frames in between each seat. It just makes it that bit easier.”

“In Ballina we’ll be able to work as normal because there are only two stylists anyway along with our junior Grace who’s the Covid-19 supervisor for us – she’ll to all the details in the background.”