Tipp dog owners urged to make sure their pets are on database

Photo © Pixabay

Dog owners are being warned to make sure that their animals are logged on a database after being micro chipped.

Chair of Tipperary Friends of Animals, Linda Hehir, is making the appeal saying that she has also noted an increase in dog thefts in recent months.

She’s encouraging people not to leave their dogs unsupervised in public, and also not to let children walk the dogs unsupervised.

Speaking about microchips, Linda says that owners of older dogs in particular should check that their details are in a central database.

“Somebody has to add it to the database and at the moment the vets are doing it but in the past people were doing it themselves – the vet would put in the chip and the people could contact the database and give their information to that database.”

“So anyone who has a dog for a while or anyone who has bought a dog should check that their details are on it – we have come across dogs in the past where the dogs were chipped to the breeder but the breeder didn’t know who they sold the dog to.”