People urged to purchase pups from reputable breeders

A Tipperary vet has highlighted her concerns about people buying puppies from “dodgy” breeders.

Mairead Leahy from Arra Vets in Tipperary Town says her practice has had to care for a number of pups recently who have been quite ill.

She says while the majority can be trusted some unscrupulous breeders are charging way too much for pups.

“Most of them are cross-breed dogs. Like you’ll have Cockers crossed with your Poodles and you’ll even have you Cockapoo crossed with your Poodle, that’s a 3-way cross breed and people are paying up to €1,200 for them.”

“I’ve experienced Parvo (virus) in two puppies already; I’ve experienced people coming in with vaccine cards that are just photocopies that they’re signing themselves…like a vet hasn’t seen the puppies.”

“I’ve had puppies coming in that are just 300 or 400 grams with no vaccine records and just way too young, they shouldn’t even be away from their mothers.”